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What a curious power words have.” - Tadeusz Borowski

Head to the Library for Teen Author Fest 2018

By: Anna Berglas


     Looking for exciting events to go this weekend?


      I invite you to consider the Teen Author Fest, taking place on Saturday October 27. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to meet eleven young adult novelists. The novels showcased include a variety of genres, and the chance to interact with eleven young adult authors should not be missed!


    This event is, free, bilingual, and at the Sunnyside branch (1049 Bank) and Southminster Church (15 Aylmer) from 12:00-5:00pm. There’s much to keep you busy at this event, from author talks, panels, writing workshops, book sales, and even prizes!


    This event is relevant to anyone; for young aspiring writers, the authors can offer guidance and inspiration on how to become successful in the writing industry. This event can showcase new books for avid readers, and will also be a welcoming and fun atmosphere for any teens, regardless of experience.


    Many of the authors write about pertinent and invigorating subjects that can involve all teens. I would strongly suggest dropping in to see all the Ottawa talent. More information is easily available on the Ottawa Library website, which includes biographies of all authors and a rough timetable of the day.


    See you there!

teen authorfest 2018-1.png
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