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Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.” - Charles Bukowski


By: Anna Berglas

I see you framed in memory laced albums

Deep curls swaying to the tune of an imaginary breeze and a

Forgotten joke balanced on your lips that

Splits the mountains behind you

Your tenacious figure

Brave and bold against the cliffs


Those photos are dusting now

Decaying in our bookshelf

The irreversibility of decades

Lost to domestication.

I never knew you as the fire starter and heroine

Just as mother

Soft and muted, by

Marriage and children

Unborn potential a whisper on her lips

A bedtime story of when

Mummy travelled the world


Why do you pretend to enjoy making meals and laundry

Can’t you see we’re watching?

Why do you need to sacrifice your identity to be a mother?

You lost your career to me

Your strength to dad-

Is this love?


Am I expected to do the same?

And So It Goes

By: Anna Berglas

And So It Goes

By: Anna Berglas

My friend flounders in class

Birthmarks stain her papers and sap into those

Melting eyes like

Summer popsicles that never stained her lips


Teachers can sniff out the

Irreplaceable absence of

Day-trips to dinosaur bones rotting in their cases and

Clumsy bedtime stories drawn up by drug-addict writers and

Stuffed up car-trips into the sun-glare of oblivion, past the

Beggars stuck on their

Street corner


Other children would stare blankly at littered humans but my

Melting eye girl knows too well. And so

Chalky, pastel innocence is lost to instability


When I’m feeling cynical a mirage floats on my road-trip pavement

Lawyer, accountant, doctor, two children, three children, red fish, blue fish

Potential waits for me to step into business shoes



Melting-eye girl will stare at me from underneath a street corner and

I won’t even notice

To Dive Into a Book

By: Tess Martin

Don’t ask me what I’m doing, ask me where I’m going

On an adventure into a book, my excitement is overflowing.


To read a book is to dive into the depths of the darkest ocean

Chaotic, navigating, flailing around in slow motion.


To read a book is to soar in the blue skies above

Flying high over worry, chores, and excess love.


To read a book is to jump and land in the grass

Soft, comforting, feeling at home at last.


If you have some spare time, I encourage you to look.

Get cozy, drink tea, and dive into a book!

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