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"One good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain."       - Bob Marley

Two Great New Albums that will Rock Your Socks off

By: Catherine McDonald


      Greta Van Fleet and the Arkells both released their new albums at midnight last Thursday, October 19th. Both of these albums have been long anticipated by fans, however, the outreach of these albums was not just limited to them.


     In fact, Greta Van Fleet’s new album, “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army” was a major success thanks to a big push by Spotify. They were the cover of Spotify’s “Rock This” playlist, the most popular rock playlist on Spotify with a total of 4,358,914 followers. This promotion from Spotify gave them a lot more exposure to a broader spectrum of demographics interested in rock music, ultimately growing their already plentiful fan base. The playlist starts with a short promotional video of all 4 members, vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka, and drummer Danny Wagner in the recording studio. Then the playlist continues with my personal favorite song off their new album, “You’re the One” which is a bit more soulful and heartfelt than their other more energetic songs. However, it still maintains that edgy Greta Van Fleet flair that is impossible not to fall in love with after listening to just a few of their songs. If you listen to most of the other songs off the album, like “When The Curtain Falls” and “Mountain Of The Sun”, Josh Kiszka’s vocals will immediately stand out to you. He has an impressive vocal range and animalistic howls that are oddly reminiscent of Robert Plant, lead singer and lyricist of Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential rock bands of all time. A lot of their music is heavily influenced by other hard rock bands from the seventies such as Queen and Pink Floyd. This style of music has unfortunately been lost throughout the years, replaced with mostly rap and R&B style music, but Greta Van Fleet has managed to bring it back into the forefront of pop culture in a major way.


      Alternatively, the Arkells, a popular Canadian alternative rock band, also came out with their own album “Rally Cry”. The album was heavily inspired by Gord Downie, the lead singer and lyricist of The Tragically Hip, another very influential Canadian rock band. One of the singles off the album, “Relentless” was especially inspired by this famous rock band. The song itself is very energetic and upbeat, like most songs on the album, straying away from their typical mellowed-out sound.  The song also explores the support that the people around you can offer and how this can ultimately be what keeps you going. In contrast, “Show Don’t Tell Me” is a more delicate and lovely song, which sounds a lot like U2, a classic rock band from the 80s. Further, “People’s Champ” is about Donald Trump’s lack of integrity, a very relevant topic today complimented by a musical sound influenced by an old style of music. The album concludes with my personal favorite song called “Don’t Be A Stranger”, which reminds the listener not to isolate themselves and reach out for help from others. I think all of these messages are really important ones that need to expressed more often, especially in our generation.

Ultimately, both of these albums, although they each represent two very different subgenres within rock, are going to be very influential to our generation, just like bands of the seventies are influential to them today. These bands expose listeners to some very culturally significant styles of music from past decades while simultaneously adding in some of their own personal influences and messages, reviving genres and letting them live on for generations to continue to enjoy and be inspired by.

Listening to Music: the Perfect Way to Study

Why you should do it and what to listen to

By: Rebecca McGee Woods


      As high school students, we can all appreciate how tedious and difficult studying can feel at times. Whether it’s nightly math homework, or a chemistry unit test, it can be tough to find the focus and motivation to keep working for sometimes hours on end.


     However, having a good playlist full of study music can help you tune out your noisy household or library, relieves stress, and makes the time fly by faster.


     Classical has earned a rep as being the most beneficial study music as it helps to strengthen your memory and increase your retention of information. Although, the reality is that most teenagers are not likely to listen to classical music on a regular basis.


     If classical music isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Experiments have also shown that listening to soothing music or even just music you enjoy allows your brain to release dopamine. In turn, this dopamine improves your mood, which can increase your efficiency, and help you focus.


    So, get your homework out, press shuffle on this study playlist, and prepare to be productive...


  1. Space Song- Beach House

    • An aesthetic-sounding track perfect for concentration

  2. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

    • An upbeat classic

  3. Twist Your Ankle- Andy Shauf

    • A mellow, laid-back tune

  4. Ocean Eyes- Billie Eilish

    • Find your inner bliss with this track by a young, talented artist

  5. Promise- Ben Howard

    • A long, instrumental song with a nice guitar riff being picked in the background

  6. Iron & Steel- Quinn XCII

    • A fresh, new song

  7. Water Flow- Klyne

    • A rhythmic and percussion-based track

  8. Your Eyes- Joey Pecoraro

    • Enjoy this hypnotic hip hop track with background piano

  9. Electric U- Kid Bloom

    • A 70s-esque song that sounds like something you’d hear at the disco

  10. Ribs- Lorde

    • A sweet tune that will make you reminisce of your childhood

  11. The Louvre- Lorde

    • A dynamic song that will lift your mood

  12. Where’s My Love- SYML

    • A relaxing and calming song

  13. Seeing Stars- BORNS

    • A happy, feel-good song

  14. Work- Charlotte Day Wilson

    • Let the lyrics “it’s gonna take a bit of work” help motivate you to study



Writing Your First Song

By: Luisa Koester

    If you’ve ever felt super inspired by a particular song and wished to create a masterpiece yourself, or you sing or play in a band, or you just tried it for fun, you’ve probably come along the struggles of songwriting! But what makes it so hard?


    Depending on what you like best you’ll either face having to come up with a melody first or writing the lyrics, except if you’ve already figured it all out in your mind. Most times you already have a certain melody in your head and just need to work it out on your instrument, but the lyrics are where the issues appear. Besides the rhyming and rhythmic parts of songwriting the emotional aspect is what makes it so hard for us. Even though it is amazing to cope with feelings and emotions by working them into a piece of art, like with every other form of expressing feelings such as paintings, poems or dancing, it is really hard to open up about your feelings and to face them in a materialized form. It’s a whole different thing to feel a certain way about someone or yourself than seeing them written down in a song. Moreover it’s a way of showing your deepest thoughts and it takes a lot of courage to show such a vulnerable and different side of yourself. That’s why we often feel like we know a famous songwriters real self, because by sharing their music with the world, they let us into their thoughts and memories. But even though imagining people listening to your thoughts might seem scary at first, working emotions into a song and maybe seeing a bad memory turn into a beautiful melody is one of the greatest feelings for every musician. At the end of the day it stays being your decision if you even want to share it with someone or just keep it for yourself but either way your own song is something you should be proud about because like some songs make you nostalgic, your own song takes you back to a specific moment every time you play it and it’s a very special way to keep a loving memory forever.  

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